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The phyto-extracts “Ekstal” are multi-component concentrated extracts from plants, created on the basis of sugar syrup. The Tibetan medicine forms the basis of their formulations. The vacuum low-temperature extract technology helps to protect the maximum quantity of biologically active substances and microelements from destruction.

All Ekstal extracts are produced on equal basis composed of 24 medicinal herbs: sweet flag (root), marshmallow (root), knotgrass (herb), thousand-leaf (herb), ziziphora (herb), Potentilla fruticosa (leaves), shelf fungus (fruit body), blue chamomile (flowers), bergenia crassifolia (leaves), blood-red hawthorn (fruits), clusterberry (leaves), sweet-clover (herb), common Saint-John's-wort (herb), pot marigold (flowers), willow herb (herb), stinging nettle (leaves), European meadowsweet (leaves), European raspberry (leaves), quickbeam (fruits), cinnamon rose (hips), common plantain (leaves), common licorice (root), black current (leaves), black chokeberry (fruits).

Besides, each of five kinds of Ekstal extract is supplemented by one-two plants determining its specialization – immune-modulating, calming, general-strengthening, clearing and against broken breast. At the same time, all extracts provide a gentle immune-modulating action and strengthen the body defenses. They are compatible with the other plant and medicinal preparations. The extracts also possess a wonderful taste and children drink them with pleasure.
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    General weakening of organism functions (asthenia, defatigation, neurasthenia). Rehabilitation after previous severe diseases and surgical operations. Period of chemotherapeutic and radiation therapy of oncologic patients. Pathological processes accompanied by immune deficiency.

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    Liver and gall bladder diseases (hepatitis, cholangitis, cholecystitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer). Protective and rehabilitation means for liver in case of heavy medicinal therapy of other organs and systems as well as intoxications of different origin.

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    Emotional instability, impatience, sleep disturbance, stress condition, psychosomatic disorders, abstinence syndrome.

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    Hypovitaminosis. Impaired fat, protein or water-salt metabolism.Poor diet (in case of treatment of obesity and endocrine diseases). Preventive means for frequently and chronically ill people.

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    Prevention and treatment of different forms of broken breast, mastalgia, consequences of acute suppurative mastitis and plugged duct, as well as psycho-emotional and functional disorders caused by mammary glands pathology. The means maintains physiological tonus of tissues, improves anatomic changes due to hormonal alterations of female organism in different periods of age (adolescence, childbearing, climacterical and involutional periods). The means is recommended in case of comprehensive therapy of simple gynecomastia in young man as well as gynecomastia caused by application of anti-androgens in the process of treatment of oncologic diseases of prostate gland.