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Isn't medicine (Not a medicinal product)
The products meet/satisfy the established requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)

Field caraway gives an appetite, increases secretory and motor activity of stomach, enhances biliation a little. The main property is the spasmolytic action on smooth muscles of gastrointestinal tract.

Dillis used in case of diseases of gastrointestinal tract as spasmolytic, carminative and anaesthetic means thanks to high content of essential oil.

Blue chamomile exercises spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative and slight analgesic action. It enhances biliation, reduces fermentation processes and relieves enterospasms.

Common fennel increases secretion of digestive glands, exercises choleretic, spasmolytic and diuretic action as well as regulates motor activity of intestine.It possesses expectorant, antimicrobial and spasmolytic effect.

Coriander exercises choleretic, anti-hemorrhoidal, analgesic, antiseptic effect and action enhancing secretion of digestive glands. It also possesses analgesic, sedative, mucous secretion stimulating, antimicrobial and antihypoxic effects.

Application area/sphere

• Diseases of gastrointestinal tract accompanied by enterospasms; • Flatulency; • Intestinal pains (irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal colic); • For appetite improvement; • Biliaryexcretion disorders.

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