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The formulation of the phytoteas “Alfit Active” is supplemented with new ingredients (purple echinacea, milk thistle, ziziphora), having mild immune-modulating and disintoxication actions. It enhances the body defenses, activates the processes of neutralization and removal of harmful substances such as toxins and cancerogenes. 

The phytoteas “Alfit Active” are made from the high-quality raw materials harvested in the ecologically clean areas of the Altai Mountains. The teas are compatible with the medicamentous preparations and among each other. The production grinding of the plant raw materials according to a special technology and prompt briquetting preserve the biologically active substances, the brewing with the hot water under domestic conditions happens fast and efficiently (with no heated bath), the overdose is excluded. The phytoteas “Alfit Active” contain plant ingredients only.