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The female body is formed so that it has nothing in excess and all organs are interrelated.

The pathological changes in the mammary glands, uterine, adnexas and thyroid gland can be caused by many various reasons connected with the genetic (hereditary) factors, environmental influence and way of living.

These actors can be interrelated to each other and create a negative background for disease development in this manner.

One of the most common diseases in women is the uterine myoma. The risk of the myoma transformation into cancer is insignificant, but its presence often causes the other unpleasant and painful symptoms: hemorrhage, spotting, discomfort in the small pelvis, pain, and the most important one – in women of reproductive age – reproductive function abnormality, in simple terms – infertility and prematurity.

When creating the line of phyto-preparations “Women’s Health”, the specialists consider the fact that the uterine and adnexas are included into a united system with other female organs and, first of all, with the mammary glands. Almost 75% of all gynecological diseases are accompanied by changes in the mammary glands, and consequently – by broken breast.

The mammary glands together with the ovaries are included into the endocrine system of the female body and interact with the pancreatic and thyroid glands, suprarenal glands and liver.

It is necessary to see after the state of the mammary glands and uterine carefully in such a case, if the patient demonstrated disturbances of the thyroid gland functioning, both on the part of reduction (hypothyroidism), and on the part of increase (hyperthyroidism or thyrotoxicosis), as well as if there are palpable abnormalities in the thyroid gland.

The disorders in the organs of the female genital sphere can also occur in the presence of various liver diseases (cholecystitis, cholangitis (inflammation of the gallbladder and ducts), hepatitis of various origin).

The liver participates in the maintenance of the normal level of estrogens in the female body.
In case of its functional disturbances, the liver ability to destruct excess hormones is reduced or even lost and their content is rapidly increased – it leads to a change in the mammary glands and uterine.

Apart from the above listed, the risk of the disease development in townswomen is considerably higher than in women residing in the rural regions. The environmental factors and the way of living will be activated in this case.

The intellectual work, nervous overstrain, chronic lack of sleep, unhealthy diet (excess consumption of fats, animal proteins, low quantities of vegetables and dietary fibers) – all these factors contribute to appearance of overweight as a result of the female diseases too.

We shall also remind about the fatal influence of smoking and alcohol consumption, even consumption of low-strength alcohol beverages, on the female body.

We tried to consider all the above mentioned factors during creation of the line of phytoteas called as “Women’s Health”.

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    Herbs contained in the Herbal Tea enable normalization of function of thyroid glands in case of hyperthyroidism.

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    Herbs contained in the Herbal Tea enable normalization of function of thyroid glands in case of hypothyroidism.

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    Herbs contained in the Herbal Tea exercise calming, anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and soft analgesic actions and improve metabolism.

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    Herbs contained in the Herbal Tea exercise anti-inflammatory, antihemorrhagic, analgesic and soft sedative actions and improve metabolism.