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About the company

Professional phytotherapy
proven over the years

R&D and manufacturing company “Alfit” unites

  • Altai Regional Phytocenter “Alfit”

    Our professional oncologists-phytotherapists have been receiving patients in the medical center for 25 years.

  • Pharmaceutical Plant “Galen”

    The manufacturer of phytoproducts: over the period of 20 years – more than 200 names of own phytoproducts under the trademark “Alfit”.

  • Social Activities

    “World of Time” is an extraordinary museum. To make the visitors fully experience the spirit of the era, our guides allow you to touch the exhibits and even bring them into action!


  • Development and Serial Production

    of natural agents and products for health care based on the natural raw materials

  • Education

    of population and medical staff about the healing properties of the plants

  • Phytotherapy Application

    considering the principles of the modern and folk medicine

  • Scientific Approbation

    of phytotherapeutic methods

  • Social Activities

    Museum “World of Time”

the product portfolio of the phytoproducts “alfit” today is represented by:

  • >200

    names of phytopreparations

  • 8

    various forms of production

  • All products are certified according to the legislation of the Russian Federation

The phytoproducts “Alfit” are represented in 200 Russian cities, as well as in countries near and far abroad such as Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Bulgaria, USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany and Czech Republic.

factors ensuring safety and efficiency of the products released:

  • Use the best Altai raw materials prepared in the places of natural vegetation

  • Application of the unique technological processes that ensure the preservation of the necessary biological substances without using artificial additives and preservatives.

  • Processing the raw materials on the modern efficient equipment

The healing powers of the Altai herbs, knowledge and experience of the specialists from “Alfit” Company are the key to successful movement on the way of health and prosperity!

We are interested in our production to be both useful and commercially successful. Therefore, we are flexible in terms of cooperation with partners and offer a package of supporting activities at different business stages.