Group Group 2

For regional partners

“Alfit” is the key to successful movement on the way of health and prosperity!

We are interested in our production to be both useful and commercially successful. Therefore, we are flexible in terms of cooperation with partners and offer a package of support measures at different business stages.


  • Assistance in the choice of products with the first order

  • Delivery at our expense from a certain amount

  • Possible return and exchange of products for the first order

  • Flexible discount system

  • Bonus accrual

  • Providing product samples

  • The prospect of opening a representative office in the region

Shipment of finished products is always accompanied by all the required documents confirming the quality of products under the trademark “Alfit”.

Professional support

  • Training of representatives and sellers

  • Opportunity to participate in professional training courses on phytotherapy

  • Online consultations from the physicians of the Medical Center “Alfit”

  • Visit of representatives in your region


  • Promotion program

    Development of a long-term program of the product promotion as well as of plans of advertising events

  • Site Information

    Placement of information on our website about sales offices in your region

  • Promotional materials

    Support with advertising print production and brand bags

  • Participation in exhibitions

    Possible joint participation with a representative in the regional exhibitions

  • Personal Manager

    Promptly solves all the problems

  • Lectures

    The specialists from the Medical Center “Alfit” hold educational lectures for the population

  • Product Degustation

    Assistance in the degustation arrangement (provision of samples)

  • Shooting a video

    • Possible shooting of
    a topical video

  • Newsletter

    Newsletter articles

The advertising and informational support shall be individually discussed with every partner according to the goals and objectives of cooperation.