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Sergey Valeryevich Korepanov (PhD in Medical sciences, oncologist, phytotherapist) was born on January 11th, 1959 in the village Romanovo of the Ust-pristanskiy district in the Altai territory.

He graduated from the Altai State Medical University with a major in General Medicine in 1982. He worked as an obstetrician-gynecologist in the Barnaul Maternity Hospital No. 1 from 1982 to 1986 and later as a gynecologic oncologist in the Altai Regional Oncology Dispensary from 1986 to 1991.

He became involved in the in-depth study of herbal medicine issues in 1986, when he realized the significance of medicinal herbs in self-therapy and in the destiny of oncological patients. Eventually, phytotherapy has become both his major hobby and work.

Sergey Valeryevich has regularly specialized in phytotherapy improving his qualification in such cities as Moscow, Novosibirsk and Barnaul.

In 1991 he initiated the establishment of The Altai Regional Phytocenter “Alfit” that he has been heading till present.

In his opinion, the main directions of the phytocenter are as follows:

1) rehabilitation of oncological patients by means of phytotherapy;

2) medical and preventive work with risk groups;

3) phytotherapy as an additional treatment method of somatic diseases, which are primarily of a chronic nature;

4) studying the folk medicine experience in phytotherapy.

To implement the release of high-quality phytoproducts in 1995 S.V. Korepanov launched an enterprise named Pharmaceutical Plant “Galen”, LLC. Their high-potency and output quality products are confirmed by multiple clinical trials, high ratings at exhibitions and numerous patient reviews from all over Russia and overseas.

In 2003 Sergey Valeryevich passed Ph.D. defense on the topic “Medicinal plants in complex treatment of locally advanced breast cancer” in Tomsk Research Institute of Pharmacology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Science Academy.

Nowadays, Sergey Valeryevich is a member of the Russian Phytotherapeutic Society and an author of dozens of scientific articles as well as two monographs in the field of phytotherapy.

He has developed and introduced into production more than 200 herbal compositions for the directions where phytotherapy is reasonable and efficient. Moreover, he supports cooperation and active sharing experience in the sphere of phytotherapy.

Nine years ago Sergey Valeryevich Korepanov set up the museum "World of Time". It is a unique museum that impresses guests with its versatility and an opportunity to touch all the exhibits with hands. At present, the museum contains more than 10 thousand exhibits and it is included in the tour guide "10 places to visit in Barnaul", issued on the initiative of the regional administration.

In the future, the museum is planned to be relocated in the historically significant building called “Kruger Pharmacy”, that is a heritage asset of the regional importance. Currently, this cultural site is under reconstruction at the expense of the Pharmaceutical Plant “Galen”.