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Sergey Korepanov

PhD in Medical Sciences, Director of Pharmaceutical Plant “Galen” and Phytocenter “Alfit”

Taking care of your health for 25 years already!

The main principle of our company is a professional approach to phytotherapy. We know how to apply medicinal plants effectively and we are eager to help every person to use natural powers in a proper way.

Pharmaceutical Plant “Galen” and Medical Center “Alfit” represent a united R&D and manufacturing complex, where a famous phytotherapist Sergey Valeryevich Korepanov (PhD in Medical Sciences) supervises scientific and medical work as well as production of plant-based natural agents and drugs for health care.

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    General weakening of organism functions (asthenia, defatigation, neurasthenia). Rehabilitation after previous severe diseases and surgical operations. Period of chemotherapeutic and radiation therapy of oncologic patients. Pathological processes accompanied by immune deficiency.


    It is one of the first collection, developed by Alfit phytocenter specialists for the rehabilitation of cancer patients. It is made of the best Altai herbs.


    Herbs contained in Alfit 1 Composite increase immune protection softly and possess general strengthening action. The means is recommended as additional preparation fighting against diseases, stress and fatigue.


    The formulation of this syrup contains plants and products, which won Altai glory – honey, sea buckthorn, unossified antlers of Siberian red deer, Rhodiola rosea (golden root), pine nuts and many others. The Balsam differs in a bright pleasant taste and possesses a pronounced general strengthening action.


    Herbs contained in the Herbal Tea possess immune-modulating and general strengthening properties. They can be used for efficient prevention of disorders and recurrences of chronic diseases of genital sphere both in women and men.

  • Reishi mushroom

    Lingzhi mushroom

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  • 08.11.2017 News
    Экскурсия для гостей КНР

    Компания "Алфит" представила процесс производства продукции для гостей КНР

  • 03.10.2017 News
    Акция "Алфит Актив"

    По Вашим многочисленным просьбам, мы продлеваем акцию по снижению цены на серию фитопрепаратов "Алфит - Актив" до 31 октября 2017г.

  • 29.09.2017 News
    Выставка в Красноярске

    Уважаемые клиенты, напоминаем вам о начале выставки в г. Красноярск

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