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The series for children and teenagers consists of 10 kinds of fruit and berry teas supplemented with medicinal plants. The fruits, berries and aromatic herbs are processed with the help of soft technologies.

The formulation contains edible plants possessing healing properties. Breckland thyme and chamomile (Alfit School-1) have pronounced anti-cold and anti-inflammatory effects; eastern purple coneflower (Alfit School -2) is a powerful immunomodulatory agent; meadowsweet, common nettle and Kuril tea (Alfit School -3) have a blood-purifying effect; ginger (Alfit School-4) has antiparasitic action. The tea “Alfit School-5”, containing meadowsweet and eastern purple coneflower, adds vivacity and improves cerebral circulation of schoolchildren.

In order to improve digestion and taste harmonization, all the drinks from the product line “Alfit School ” include dried apples, containing pectin and aboveground part of peppermint.

All the plants included into the formulations of the teas “Alfit School ” are allowed for use in the food processing industry of the Russian Federation. The plant components are added in optimally low quantities that cannot have a pronounced therapeutic effect. It means that teas “Alfit School ” can be consumed without a certain dosage at any time of the day.

Teas “Alfit School” are made only of natural ingredients free of synthetic coloring agents, flavoring agents and other artificial fillers improving the appearance and organoleptic properties of the product. Pleasant and original taste, natural flavor, convenient packaging and fast preparation can supplement the diet of children and teenagers with natural vitamins and biologically active substances. It can also significantly reduce the consumption of tea, coffee and flavored sugary drinks.

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    Alfit School -1 ANTI-COLD

    Medicinal plants in the composition "ALFIT SCHOOL-1", are rich in vitamins C, P, B2, E, B9 and carotene, have anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic, antimicrobial, antispasmodic and mucolytic action.

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    Alfit School -10 For appetite

    The composition is rich in vitamins A and E. Due to its biologically active substances, cinnamon rose has general strengthening properties and regulates metabolic processes. "Alfit School-10" softly and gently stimulates the gastro-intestinal tract of a child increasing appetite. Children will enjoy the tea for its flavor and aroma, and parents will appreciate its useful properties and completely natural composition

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    Alfit School -7 Sedative

    The tea acts soothingly on the central nervous system. It is used in case of neuroses, insomnia, hysteria and some other disorders of the nervous system.

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    Alfit School -9 Antitussive

    Raspberry as a medicinal product was used in ancient times as a diaphoretic and anti-febrile medicine. The composition "Alfit School-9" is designed for first aid to a child with the cough. Absolutely natural and highly effective composition turns into a delicious and healthy drink under the influence of boiling water that helps in a short time to relieve cough.

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    Alfit School -8 Digestion improvement

    The tea is used as a general tonic, for regulating the work of the intestine, as it not only normalizes the stool, but also reduces putrefactive processes and promotes the excretion of all kinds of poisons from the body

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    Alfit School -6 Eyesight improvement

    The main components of the tea "Alfit School-6" are blueberries and sea buckthorn berries. Since ancient times, they have been used in folk medicine for the treatment and prevention of eye diseases. Bilberry fruits have a positive effect on visual acuity (especially night vision), improve the blood supply to the retina, and relieve fatigue. Carotenoids, contained in sea buckthorn, reduce the risk of changes in the retina of the eyes, leading to deterioration of visual acuity.

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    Alfit School -5 General tonic and boosting attention span

    The composition helps purify blood vessels, reduces the permeability of capillaries and cell membranes, increases the body's defenses.

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    Alfit School -4 Anti-parasitic

    The tea enhances digestive activity, has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and anti-parasitic actions.

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    Alfit School -3 Hemocathartic

    The composition has a beneficial effect on blood vessels. Common nettle strengthens the basal metabolic rate and improves the cardiovascular system