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Isn't medicine (Not a medicinal product)
The products meet/satisfy the established requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)

The influence on the organism of the mixture ingredients reduces impact of excessive psychoemotional and physical workloads typical for sport stress. Purple Echinacea possesses immune-modulating action, prevents from infectious diseases. When taking Echinacea, the level of specific antibodies increases, these antibodies neutralize viruses and bacteria. Production of non-specific antiviral compound – interferon. Rhodiola rosea increases adaptation to extreme factors, exercises stimulating and toning influence, increases the scope of dynamic and static work, accelerates restoration processes, activates bioenergy of cells. Increasing organism adaptation to heavy physical workloads, Rhodiola rosea, being an adaptogene, promotes growth of sport results. Hedysarum tea (red root) stimulates central nervous system, relieves fatigue efficiently, increases physical endurance and revives in case of heavy physical workloads. Silybum marianum is one of the most effective hepatoprotectors securing liver cells against damaging action of increased quantity of decay products appearing in case of intensive physical workloads. The influence of Silybum components on liver is also marked by stabilization of hepatocyte biomembranes, significant increase in activity of detoxication and antioxidant systems of liver. Bergenia crassifolia possesses anti-inflammatory, anastaltic, antihemorrhagic and bactericidal properties.

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