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The products meet/satisfy the established requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)

Pharmacological properties of the Aspen bark are determined by a complex of biologically active substances, including tannins, organic acids, amarines, essential oils, which provide choleretic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, spasmolytic properties of the plant. Its anthelmintic effect is determined by phenolic glycosides. The pronounced anti-opisthorchosis effect of Aspen bark has been proven experimentally. The research of Siberian State Medical University revealed helminthicide activity of Aspen bark preparations while the control groups demonstrated 80% of recovery. The results of further research in the field of children's clinical picture, carried out by Siberian State Medical University, showed a good tolerance of the Aspen bark extract among children, absence of adverse reactions, its choleretic and anti-inflammatory effects. Nontoxicity, absence of allergic reactions as well as other negative side effects allow using Aspen bark for parasite cleanse in case of being diagnosed and for prevention of disease development in case of vague clinical symptoms.

Milk thistle has been well studied and its medicinal properties have been proved by numerous scientific and clinical research. The main actions of Milk thistle seeds are choleretic and hepatoprotective. The chemical composition of Milk thistle contains biologically active substances that prevent cell degeneration, reduce the intensity of toxic liver infiltration. Good tolerability of drugs from Milk thistle, almost complete absence of contraindications (except cholelithiasis) make Milk thistle widely applicable in case of liver and bile ducts diseases.

The pronounced beneficial (hepatoprotective) effect of Golden thoroughwax on tissues and liver function was confirmed by experimental and clinical research as early as in the 1940s of the past century. It has been proved to have anti-inflammatory, choleretic, capillary-strengthening actions. Golden thoroughwax is considered to be one of the best among medicinal plants with hepatoprotective properties.

Licorice has been traditionally used for colds, pulmonary diseases, diabetes since ages ago. The recent studies have proved its specific immunomodulatory effect provided by the stimulating influence of the active principles of plants on the functional activity of the adrenal cortex.

Cinnamon rose is a unique plant with a wide range of medicinal properties. Due to the rich chemical composition rosehip berries are successfully used in modern and folk medicine as a vitamin, anti-inflammatory, choleretic medicine, normalizing metabolic processes, as well as improving the body's resistance to adverse factors.

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