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Isn't medicine (Not a medicinal product)
The products meet/satisfy the established requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)

Weight loss is provided by the following mechanisms: corn silk and flax seeds have anorexic (reducing appetite) action; cowberry leaves have a respectively mild diuretic and laxative effect; lemna and Chamerion angustifolium  contribute to lipid metabolism increasing.

Flax seed is widely used in dietary nutrition of patients with disorders of lipid metabolism, atherosclerosis and steatosis. Biologically active substances contained in the chemical composition of the supplement stimulate motor and secretory function of the gastrointestinal tract. Flax seed supplementadministration results in increased secretion, accelerated gastric flow and increased binding of cholesterol in the gut, which provides optimum strength and normalize metabolic processes. In folk medicine, it is used as an emollient.

Cowberry helps increase urine output, reduce swelling and blood sugar, improve salt exchange and is a good salt dissolver.
* The formulation of aHERBAL TEA  includes alder buckthorn (bark), bearberry (leaves).  Red bilberry (leaf)was excluded.

Application area/sphere

«Alimentary obesity. Obesity caused by endocrine disorders, predisposition to obesity. Bulimia (increased appetite).

Сопутствующие товары

  • Алфит-1 Иммуномодулирующий

    Один из первых сборов, разработанный врачами фитоцентра «Алфит». В его состав включены лучшие алтайские травы. Травы, входящие в состав, обладают общеукрепляющим, профилактическим противоопухолевым, иммуномодулирующим действиями.