Group Group 2

Our goal is to help you in keeping your health. We achieve real results, using the products on a natural basis.

  • Treatment and Prevention of Somatic Diseases

    • - Treatment of somatic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems, gynecological diseases etc.)
    • - Ultrasound investigation
  • Treatment and Prevention of Oncological Diseases

    • - Oncological diseases (included into the risk group)
    • - Auxiliary phytotherapy in the period of specialist treatment (operations, chemotherapy, radiation treatment)
    • - Rehabilitation of the patients of the 3rd clinical group (being in the state of remission)
    • - Symptomatic assistance to the patients of the 4th clinical group (incurable patients)

Why shall you choose us?

  • Over 12000 patients have got our assistance during the period of 26 years of work.
  • Consultations by correspondence for citizens anywhere in the world
  • We use more than 100 species of medicinal plants our recommendations and treatment regimens.
  • The qualification of our physicians helps us to determine indications for use of the superpotent phytopreparations exactly.
  • This is the only enterprise in the country oriented at production of the phytoproducts for prevention and treatment of oncological diseases.
  • The treatment is personalized to the maximum degree (assigned considering the localization of the patient’s oncological disease, its severity and stage).
  • The use of a broad spectrum of phytopreparations enables choosing of the most efficient agents considering the body peculiarities in every patient.

All our recommendations and individual treatment regimens are prescribed by the highly-qualified specialists:

Korepanov Sergey ValeryevichOncologist, phytotherapeutist, сandidate of medical science

He graduated from the Altai State Medical Institute in 1982.

He has developed and introduced into production over 200 herbal teas from medicinal plants in the directions where phytotherapy is reasonable and efficient. 

He adheres to cooperation and active exchange of experience in the field of phytotherapy.

He worked as Obstetrician-Gynecologist in the Maternity Hospital No. 1 of Barnaul (1982–1986) and as Gynecologic Oncologist in the Altai Regional Oncology Dispensary (1986–1991).

He started in-depth study of phytotherapy issues since 1986, when he understood the significance of medicinal herbs in self-treatment and destiny of oncologic patients. In the course of time, phytotherapy became simultaneously his main hobby and work.

Sergey Valeryevich improved his phytotherapy specialization in the Russian Medical Postgraduate Education Academy of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation (Moscow), Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (Novosibirsk) and Altai State Medical Institute (Barnaul) many times.

The Altai Regional Phytocenter “Alfit” was established at his own initiative in 1991. He has been holding the position of its Director since the moment of foundation up to the present day.

Grechko Vladimir ViktorovichOncologist, phytotherapeutist

He graduated from the Altai State Medical Institute in 1993.

He worked as Surgical Oncologist in the Altai Oncological Center (Mammology Department) since 1993-1999.

He has been working as Oncologist and Phytotherapeutist in the Altai Regional Phytocenter “Alfit” since 2000 up to the present time. In the course of work, he took advanced training courses in oncology many times. He has specializations in phytotherapy and ultrasound investigation of diseases of the internal organs and surface structures.


Dmitrina Elena PavlovnaOncologist, phytotherapeutist

She graduated from the Altai State Medical Institute in 1980. She worked as Physician in the medical sanitary station of the Norilsk Copper-Nickel Combinate, as Physician of the line brigade of the Barnaul Emergency Care Hospital, as Assistant of the Department for Obstetrics and Gynecology of the ASMU Doctors Improvement Faculty, as Oncologist in the Barnaul City Oncology Dispensary since 1988, then – as Head of the only in Russia Department for Prophylaxis and Individual Prediction of Malignant Neoplasms of the Altai Regional Oncology Dispensary since 1993. She has been working as Physician of the Phytocenter “Alfit” since 2003.

Elena Pavlovna improved her specialization in oncology on the basis of the Kharkov Regional Oncology Dispensary, N.N. Blokhin Moscow Cancer Center, at the ASMU Doctors Improvement Faculty (Oncological Department) many times and has the specialization in phytotherapy. She is the author of many printing works in the Russian and international medical collected books. Elena Pavlovna is a permanent participant of the Russian and international research-to-practice conferences in oncology.


Personal Consultations

  • The personal consultations of the physicians in Barnaul are held at the following address:

    Ostrovsky Str., h. 43

    Consultation hours

    9:00 - 18:00, Saturday till 14:00 (Sunday – day-off)

    To make an appointment, call at:

    +7 (3852) 343-062

    +7 (3852) 343-083

  • Besides, our partners in other cities can also consult you:



Remote Consultations

The patients, living in other cities and having no opportunity to visit our physicians in person, are required to fill in the questionnaire.

Our Working Process

  • You leave
    a request
  • Our physician
    assigns а therapy
  • We report you the information
    about the course of treatment
  • We accept
    your payment
  • We mail a parcel
  • You receive
    medical treatment
  • Upon completion
    of the course of treatment,
    you inform us about
    your state of health
  • The physician examines
    the dynamics of analyses
    and gives the following

Do you have any questions? Call at  +7-960-966-9549


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