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Impotence is often a result of chronic inflammatory processes of genitourinary system. In case of combined usage, bergenia crassifolia, burdock and sainfoin exercise anti-inflammatory action. Rhaponticumcarthamoides, rhodiola and Hedysarum tearegulate male potency. It is provided through stimulation of pituitary-hypothalamic system with the subsequent increase in androgenic hormones.
The combination of these herbs enhances health-promoting effect.
Alfit 19 Herbal Tea possesses a pronounced adaptogenic and general strengthening effect. It helps in case of heavy physical and mental workloads as well as for rehabilitation after severe diseases and surgical operations.
*Tea beverageformulation includes common sainfoin.

Application area/sphere

Impotence, chronic prostatitis. Hypertension, a hypotonic type of a neurocirculatory distonia. General weakening of body functions (asthenia, defatigation, neurasthenia). Rehabilitation after previous severe diseases and operations.

Сопутствующие товары

  • Алфит-1 Иммуномодулирующий

    Один из первых сборов, разработанный врачами фитоцентра «Алфит». В его состав включены лучшие алтайские травы. Травы, входящие в состав, обладают общеукрепляющим, профилактическим противоопухолевым, иммуномодулирующим действиями.